Every Mother Counts

In 2015, one of my best friends and I entered the annual US Young Lions Competition. We were tasked with creating an integrated social media campaign that would build awareness of the nonprofit Every Mother Counts and engage their audience to take catalytic action.

Every Mother Counts is an organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother around the world.




Rima Massasati – Art Director


We all have dreams. For some, it’s to be an astronaut. For others, an artist. And for even more, to be a mother.

But with every dream comes challenges, a bump in the road, and we all need a push to help us make it through. For many mothers around the world, the challenge is overwhelming. Each year 287,000 women die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. But the truth is that 98% of these deaths are preventable.

Our campaign seeked to bring attention and action to this staggering statistic in a lighthearted and meaningful way. Originating from the memory of placing a balloon under your shirt to imagine motherhood, we used an iconic balloon to start a social movement called #EveryBumpCounts that helped ‘bump up’ the importance of maternal healthcare around the world while tapping into the child in all of us.

To promote our campaign we drove our audience to a custom #EveryBumpCounts Facebook tab. Every Wednesday (#bumpday), we invited our followers to share a 'bump' to help us get over the bump of poor maternal healthcare. The ‘bumps’ served as a lighthearted gesture that anyone could participate in while grabbing attention from unsuspecting friends.

To extend our reach, and touch on a specific barrier, transportation, we partnered with Lyft, a personal ride sharing app. Each Bump Day, we turned their iconic balloons orange and gave riders the option to donate a portion of their fare to Every Mother Counts. If a rider donated, they were also given the option to share the cause with their friends.

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