Food Hopping

I love cooking. I love eating. I love attempting ambitious recipes that are far beyond my skill set. So, in December 2016 I started a food blog.

Food Hopping is a food blog about expanding your culinary horizons.


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To learn new cooking techniques and expand my skillset, I decided to spend each month of 2017 cooking and eating a different cuisine.

At an early age my mother taught me how to bake, but it wasn’t until college, when I had to fend for myself, that I learned to cook. Before I left for school, I asked my mom to write down all of her recipes, so I could tuck them away in a binder, and make all the dishes that reminded me of home.

I spent countless hours on weekends learning how to bake my own bread, how to make the perfect chicken curry, and how to temper chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries.